Uncut magazine (UK)
December 2002

LEONARD COHEN: The Essential Leonard Cohen
* * * * * (5 stars)
Career Summary of poetic Montreal troubadour

The Canadian songpoet who's still giving Dylan a run for his money in the folk-bard department four decades down the line finally gets a proper anthologizing here. Previous skimpy best-ofs wither in comparison to this generous two-disc affair. With the exception of the infamous Phil Spector-ruined anomaly Death of a Ladies' Man (1977), every Leonard Cohen studio album is represented here. From the acoustic '60's mysterioso of his debut through to the arch, synth-backed late 80's chanson of I'm Your Man, this is the kind of collection that converts non-believers. -- JIM ALLEN

Thanks to Robert Bower, Dick Straub and Jarkko Arjatsalo for supplying this review.